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Session Description:

What does it actually mean to become “Trauma-Informed?” Are there steps? How long is the process? Where do I begin, and what exactly am I supposed to do?In this keynote presentation, Trauma Therapist and Trainer, Julia Rose M. Polk, walks attendees through the “Seven Stages for Building Trauma-Informed Teachers, Classrooms and Schools.”Learn about the key milestones involved in every educator’s trauma-informed journey, as well as personal and real-life anecdotes about applying these stages to your own school environment. Join us as we walk through this action-packed snapshot of how to dive into this challenging, but oh-so-meaningful process!

About the Speaker:

Julia Rose M. Polk, LMFT, is Founder and President of Trauma Camp - a professional development company that trains educators about trauma-informed approaches in classrooms and schools - and host of the Trauma Camp for Teachers podcast. Julia Rose has studied childhood trauma for over 15 years, and has directly served her community for over the last five. She has completed Phase 1 of the ChildTrauma Academy’s Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and Education, and is a graduate of  UC Davis’ Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship. Julia Rose's lectures and trainings have reached educators all around America and beyond, including teachers and schools in South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and England.